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Normaly you do not have the ultimate idee about how to build your website, also because you might not know about the techiques of building one. Therefore we start off with an counseling interview, in which we will clarify your goals, expectations and the existing prerequisites to get to a realistic cost estimate.

Apart from that, there are several issues to be cleared about the webhosting, webaddresses, additional services and maybe the creation of a logo.

Building the Website

Throughout the whole proces, the client will be informed about the progress to ensure the correct realization of the website.
A 'Responsive Design' of the website goes without saying, so it does not matter what device your customer is using, it will always be the perfect layout.

Whether you need a static website, or a CMS in which you can adapt the content of your website, with us you become it all custom-made.


Apart from the website itself, there are some background processes and/or additional functions to improve the website functionality like:

  • Google Analytics
  • Search engine optimization (basic implementation)
  • E-mail / Contact form
  • Reservationsystem
  • Eventcalender
  • etc.

SEO and Google Analytics

Depending on your website, these two themes can be very important.
SEO (Search engine optimization) influences the ranking in Google search and therefore it is quite important.
On the one hand you need a good entry in the google search konsole and on the other hand you need your informations to be machine readable.

Google Analytics collects (anonymized) information about your website visitors and the use of your website so you can adapt parts of the website if needed.


If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. Below (on the left) you will find my contact details.

Edelhofgasse 34/21
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Not only the website itself, but also the webaddress is an important factor for the success of the website. It is even possible to have several webaddresses that point to the same webspace, just to attract different groups of clients or a broader public.

There are also different options for the webhosting, depending on the packege that is needed.

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